Holly Dean

Holly Dean was born into a creative and entrepreneurial family in 1958. She grew up in the rolling hills of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, where her lovely mother fed her imagination and her British father shared his love of England. Holly feels a deep connection to nature, myth and legend – the driving force behind her creative quest to meld past and present through her art.

Holly’s artistic education is an amalgam of life experience, workshops, practice, reading and exploration. After graduating from high school at sixteen, she decided to get right down to work. She honed her skills in graphic design and the pre-press trade over a twenty year period spent in the printing industry. True to Holly’s entrepreneurial spirit, she worked for her own clients on the side, embellishing her design work with calligraphy to make it unique. She put aside the design work to concentrate on paintings and books in 1996, when she stopped being someone else’s boss and became her own.

Holly Dean’s mixed media paintings and book art pieces come to life through an almost alchemical process: layers of colour, texture, words and imagery. Abbey ruins shrouded in mist, wonderfully gnarled trees and skillfully decorated manuscript pages inspire her art, often described as “medieval in mood”.