Phillida Hargreaves

Art is the way I keep my balance in a changing world.

For me, balance does not mean stasis. I recognize that in nature, just as in the social environment, things are in a constant state of flux. But I still strive to find a point of equilibrium, even if it is only transitory. My goal is to find, and to offer, a small island of calm to the viewer.

I choose fibre as my medium because of the variety of textures available to me. From the beginning I included hand woven wools and pleated organzas with the flatter cottons and silks. Recently my work has become increasingly three dimensional as I include knitted elements in my pieces.

I have been making and selling fibre art for over twenty years, and very much enjoy interacting with the viewing public.

I am privileged to be a member of the Kingston Fibre Artists, a group of women who are interested in experimenting with the medium, and from whom I derive both energy and inspiration.

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Phillida Hargreaves

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Phillida Hargreaves

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