There is a romance between land and me. It is not just this spot where I have anchored my energies, but the country that comes from it and the world that revolves around it. I am in love with it all. I am in love with the people, the flowers and the animals. I am in love with pure hearts, and I love dancing in the light. I love little birds, roses, and babies – stones even.

Anything that you perceive through your eyes, I love. I love the sunrises and the sunsets. I love the shadows and the moonbeams. I love mountains and plains. I love everything that was formed here and lives upon it. I love dogs, cuckoo clocks, dances and rituals. Your loves are my loves. Your space is my space. Your tears are my tears. Your babies are my babies. Your heart is my heart. There is a tempo between you and me. It is a love affair. I love the energy that goes between us, the creativity that encompasses us. I love the Creator that made us. I love the bridges between us. I love these exciting times. I love the wispy threads of the past, the preponderances of the future. I love the moment of the now. You and I have had a long time together. You and I have seen much. You and I are on a journey home.

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Saturday Evening Reception

krzysztof works

live broadcast - January 12th
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7:30 - 10:30 p.m.

Opens January 13, 2008
this exhibit is the first in a series based on a descending number sequence
The Fibonacci Series (January through to July)
13 New Works8 Lenses • 5 Figures • 3 of Form • 2 Aristografia • 1 Original • 1 Theatre of Art (Open Gallery)

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