Robert Blenderman

Robert Blenderman has been painting for over 50 years, often making his beloved adopted home of Kingston the subject. Working predominantly in oils, his vast body of work ranges from classical realist and impressionist still lives and landscapes to pure abstraction.

Barry Blunden

Anyone who strolls down Princess and King street and through the back courtyards of downtown Kingston is already familiar with the works of Barry Blunden.

Bernard Clark

A Kingston native, Bernard Clark has been exhibiting his fine art images for over 25 years. His photographic works often revolve around the theme of icons; whether portraiture or cityscsape, his subjects are elevated to a status evoking veneration.

Peter Coffman

Peter Coffman, a photographer and architectural historian, uses his lens to explore myriad forms of natural landscape and the built environment. When not traveling the world with camera in hand, Coffman can be found teaching at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Rebecca Cowan

Kingston-based artist Rebecca Cowan considers herself to be a storyteller. All of her work, whether it is etching, drawing, painting or mixed media, has a narrative quality. She seeks to reach into people’s hearts and heads with images that are personal, universal, mysterious and familiar.

Frank Danielson

Frank Danielson is an artist based in Toronto, Ontario.  He studied in the Visual Arts program at York University. He has held solo exhibitions in Canada, France and Japan. Working in oils, Danielson’s unique compositions often juxtapose geometric patterns or abstracted brushstrokes in the service of representational landscapes.

Andrew Danson Danushevsky

Actively exhibiting since 1973, and featured in over 50 exhibitions, internationally recognized Canadian photographer, educator, author, and curator Andrew Danson Danushevsky continues to document and comment on the complex relationships and attachments of the human experience. For the last several years Danushevsky has called the remote Change Islands, NL home.

Holly Dean

Ontario native Holly Dean’s mixed media paintings and book art pieces come to life through an almost alchemical process: layers of colour, texture, words and imagery. She honed her skills in graphic design and the pre-press trade over a twenty year period spent in the printing industry.

Jane Derby

Jane Derby’s exploration of the aesthetic qualities and thematic possibilities of recycled materials, may sometimes suggest an apocalyptic feel, while at the same time suggesting the possibility of a new future. Making art out of this material she calls us to look again at what we discard so easily. Based in Kingston, Derby’s works take their inspiration from landscapes of eastern Ontario.

Krzysztof Doniewski

Polish-Canadian artist Krzysztof Doniewski creates exhilarating oils. Unfettered by concepts of style or the constraints of the rational mind, impulsivity and intensity are the Krzysztof trademarks. His canvases celebrate the
expressionistic and impressionistic impulse to capture life in paint.

Stefan Duerst

Stefan Duerst is a sculptor working predominantly in fabricated and forged steel, designed for domestic and outdoor installation. His pieces are abstract, exploring archaic forms, space/non-space relations, and the use of colour. Originally from Germany, Duerst has devoted his idyllic piece of the Canadian shield to a sculpture park, located in in Godfrey, Ontario.

Wallace Edwards

Beloved children’s book author and Yarker, Ontario based artist, Wallace Edwards, works primarily in watercolour, guache and pencil, using a variety of styles from cartoon to scientific illustration. His wonderful and whimsical works are renowned for their elaborately dertailed depiction of animals, both real and imaginary. In 2002, he won the Governor General’s Award for children’s book illustration.

Osvaldo González Herrera

Osvaldo González Herrera’s work defies conventional definitions; suggesting provocative narratives and enigmatic themes. Born in Cuba and now residing in Montreal, he developed his artistic work within the genres of graphic humor, paintings and graphics.

Margaret Hughes

Longtime Kingston resident, Margaret Hughes creates stunningly beautiful pastels, generally still lives, which often feature her own ceramic pieces, thus bridging the gap to the other artform to which she has devoted more than 50 years.


Insouciant and irreverent, IMAMess… reimagines the discarded and reveals the imaginative playfulness of an artist’s mind. Broken skateboards often serve as a launching off point for reveries on broken dreams and broken promises, always presented with humour and intelligence.

Hersh Jacob

Hersh Jacob is a visual artist, writer, graphic designer and creative director. He has worked as an artist his entire professional life, seamlessly moving his pursuits through the mediums of cartooning, illustration, theatre, education and publishing.

Debra Krakow

Debra Krakow is a artist and architect whose luminous abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed-media evoke the light-infused landscape of the Thousand Islands region of Ontario, particularly the views from her idyllic home studio on Wolfe Island, and the less knowable, multi-layered landscapes of the mind.

Diane Laundy

An Ottawa based artist, Diane Laundy’s photographic work is both strongly graphic and deceptively simple. Exploring shape, colour and rhythmic patterns, her work focuses on both natural and urban subjects, often elevating details overlooked by others.

Keight Maclean

Keight MacLean is a Toronto based painter, originally from the Kingston region, an alumna of OCAD University and the school’s prestigious Florence Program. Intrigued by our connection to the distant past and the historical treatment of women, MacLean’s work combines elements of Baroque and Renaissance painting with modern and experimental techniques.

Molly McClung

Molly McClung is a Kingston-based sculptor, working primarily in soapstone and alabaster. Also an avid gardener and former schoolteacher, her years of persuading the uncompromising to compromise show through in her gently shaped and suggestive forms.

Elias Mina

Elias Mina is an explorer of photography for over 40 years, with particular interest in alternate photographic techniques ranging from hand-colouring to making gum-bichromate prints. His current work is created by digitally painting from photographs using a stylus and a tablet.

Teresa Mrozicka

Teresa Mrozicka, based in Sydenham, Ontario, is perhaps best known for her unique three-dimensional pointillism. Always developing her practice, Mrozicka continues to explore new techniques, returning often to familiar themes, and creating rich and energetic works which pulse with soul.

Neli Nenkova

Bulgarian born and Sudbury-based artist Neli Nenkova chooses women as the dominant subject of her powerful work, in a provocative approach to address contemporary issues facing society. Influenced by the Italian masters of the High Renaissance and the ideas of the Surrealist movement, Nenkova uses her images to turn beauty into a form of questioning.

Rob Niezen

Inspired by Rembrandt, the impressionists and European comics, Douro, Ontario based artist Rob Niezen explores stories of contrast of colour and of light and dark. He views the ordinary from extraordinary angles or at extraordinary moments. He studied art at Vrije Akademies in The Hague and Delft, the Netherlands, and at the Art School of Peterborough, Canada.

Erika Olson

Kingston artist, Erika Olson paints images, usually in oil, with saturated colour relationships and intuitive compositions. Inspired by both still life and emotional content, oftentimes impressionistic, other times fully abstracted. The resulting compositions are simplified and playful.

Susan Oomen

Originally from the Kingston region, Susan Oomen now lives and works in the aptly named hamlet of Utopia, Ontario. An avid paddler, as well as painter, Oomen creates iconic works to capture the Canadian spirit of being out on the water in summer or looking out windows onto snow covered landscapes in winter. Her canvases immortalize the play of light on water and the serene tranquility of a winter’s day, creating an escape from the everyday.

Victor Oriecuia

Victor Oriecuia, a Kingston-based stone carver is passionate about his calling. With no rigid rules or expectations, he freely carves, both Italian and local Ontario marble, to evoke his senses and appease his passion. He utilizes the direct carving method, a method which requires no model or predetermined outcome…a method which relies heavily on faith.

Susan Paloschi

Kingston-based Susan Paloschi’s main interest is the human figure. She is well known for her paintings of children in action and now her sculptures, full of movement and graceful lines, created in clay or cast in bronze.

Ulrich Panzer

Ulrich Panzer is a German artist who shares his time between Berlin and his studio in Glenburnie, Ontario. His paintings are inspired by his continuous interest in the synesthetic perception of sound and musical chords, by observations of light in nature and by the colours of minerals and seashells.

Cameron Schaefer

With a combination of nostalgia and whimsy, Kingston-based artist, author, musician, Cameron Schaefer takes us on a whirlwind journey through the humourous, the iconic, and the unexpected. His meticulous process of screen printing and painting employs old-fashioned techniques normally used to produce quantities, in the service of one-of-a-kind pieces.

Ewa Scheer

Ewa Scheer, based out of Montreal, is an artist of unique vision. In her ice project, Scheer applies non-toxic pigments on natural ice formed in the forest; her paintings exist for as little as two seconds and as long as two weeks. The work is then photographed, set behind thick plexiglass which mirrors ice, allowing her to preserve these transient images and capture the moment of interaction between creator and Creation.

Lee Stewart

Kingston-based artist, Lee Stewart was born and raised in Kashechewan, a small remote reserve on James Bay, Northern Ontario, spent years in the Rideau Lakes region, and studied art history at Carleton. Stewart’s cultural influences are as vast as his experience, without hierarchy or elevated status. As a self-taught artist, Stewart’s experimentation, innate curiosity, and openness continue to shape his evolving style.

Margaret Sutherland

Unique and compelling, Sutherland’s work provides commentary on both the sociological and biographical realm. Her images evoke emotion and provoke questioning.

Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson, the Kingston based artist behind Greyweathers Press, finds inspiration and graphic black-and-white possibilities in literature across the spectrum: classical epics, medieval legend, the Romantic poets, 20th century noir, fantasy literature and comic books, just to name a few. He creates bold and graphic prints from relief block, linoleum and wood.

Vadim Vaskovsky

Working in a broad range of mediums and subjects, artist, illustrator and graphic designer Vadim Vaskovsky takes inspiration from various locales and themes, including his adopted home in Prince Edward County. His gifted use of colour captures the uniqueness of light on the landscape and ignites the imagination in reminiscence.

JT Winik

Kinston based painter JT Winik seeks to capture the fine balance that binds opposites. A keen observer, her paintings merge beauty and awkwardness, freedom and control, fragility and strength, often evoking a strong emotional sense of discomfort in their portrayal of beauty. Highly regarded, her paintings are shown in Canada and Europe, and featured in magazines, books and book covers, internationally.

Beverly Zawitkoski

Montreal artist Beverly Zawitkoski works from her imagination; each piece in search of a particular mood and atmosphere. Her intent is to create surface treatments that support and express a sense of ambiguity and emotional depth in both her figurative and non figurative work.