FUEL for Hibernation

A gift is many things.  It is not always of a physical nature, and a physical offering is not always the real gift.

SPRING 2018: Artist Portfolio Series

Introducing the Artist Portfolio Series. A chance for our customers to have easy access to the newest works of our artists both in the gallery and identified online. Browse, discover, purchase – online or in the gallery.

Fluid Forms ~ Duerst & Loomit

The art of collaboration requires a curious nature, a strong sense of experimentalism and an abundance of trust. To find a kindred spirit, especially in the art world, which can often be quite isolating, creates a unique opportunity for openness, artistic development and inspiration.

Molly McClung in her Studio

Many people, complaining about their jobs, might use the phrase “stubborn as a rock” in reference to a coworker. Molly McClung knows what many people mean, and in most cases, would put them to shame. A sculptor, gardener, and former schoolteacher, Molly has worked with rather difficult mediums throughout her life. Stone is as determined […]

Curves ~ New Sculptures by Molly McClung

Molly McClung Alabaster, Chlorite & Soapstone Sculpture Nature, including human nature, is my starting point.  When I handle a rough mass of stone, I see elemental forms, simple, organic, strong and uncluttered.  When I finish a piece, the rough has become smooth and the jagged edge has become a clean line. The Stone Show, Spring […]