About Us

Studio22 Idea Manufactory & Open Gallery is a partnership of broad collaborative proportions. Creators and partners Hersh and Ally Jacob established the business in 2003, originally with the intention of publishing an art magazine.  The name idea manufactory refers to a creative studio that moves ideas into production.  The Idea Manufactory launched the Open Gallery in 2006.  The gallery was developed with the initial purpose of giving the business an opportunity to engage directly with the Kingston public.  In the 12 years since it began, the gallery has become a major endeavour of the business and its broader goal of making art a tangible enhancement to the lives of as many people as possible.



Ally is a partner, curator and space artist.

Ally manages the business, creates and schedules the gallery's exhibits and designs all the physical spaces.  She is in a continuous and intense dialogue with all the Art and Artists.  She thrives on change and the eclecticism of the gallery's artwork and prides herself on her ability to hang an exhibit of disparate styles and materials where all pieces hold their own.

Though she can sometimes be heard muttering a disparaging word about retail, she gets a great deal of pleasure from selling the gallery's artwork - especially to first time art buyers.  She firmly believes that living with original art is so pleasurable and deeply satisfying that it only takes one sale to make a life-long collector.

Art Director

Hersh is a partner, graphic designer and artist.

Hersh designs and produces all the studio's printed and promotional material.  The Idea Manufactory, as a physical space on the 3rd floor of the studio's building, is his lair.  His unique graphic style is rooted in a deep love of type, paper and books and is the source of the reams of content that pour out of Studio22's manufactory. Artist and patron alike appreciate the unabashed enthusiasm of Hersh's graphic calls to attention.  His exhibition catalogues are collectible items.