Thank you for submitting your bid!

You will be notified of bid acceptance or provided a counter-offer on or before Friday, March 10th.

Terms, conditions and additional information:

  • During the week of OFF THE RECORD, Studio22 will be open by appointment only. For customers wishing to view an artwork in person, private viewing appointments can be easily booked online or requested via email to
  • In the event where multiple bids are submitted for the same artwork during the one week bidding period, Studio22 will review the highest bid.
  • Studio22 reserves the right to decline any bid for any reason and is not required to provide a counter-offer.
  • When a counter-offer is extended by Studio22, bidder has 48 hours to accept or decline.
  • All artwork is subject to HST. 
  • Arrangements may be made for artwork pickup as of Friday, March 17th. Full payment is required at time of pickup. 
  • Worldwide shipping available. If applicable, shipping costs will be calculated separately. Artwork will be shipped out beginning Tuesday, March 21st.
  • Please email with any questions or inquiries.