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Cape Dorset 2020 Annual Print Collection

In partnership with Print Inuit, Studio22 is pleased to present a selection of prints from the 2020 collection.


Studio22 Welcomes You
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In the Open Gallery

Overall, Miscellanea is playful but sometimes dark, humorous but sometimes sad, and occasionally mysterious for no good reason at all. As always, it’s the audience who tells the stories.
Our Fall Artist Portfolio Series shows the most recent works by our regular artists. This grouping will be regularly updated to include the most recent additions to the gallery collection throughout the fall of 2020.

Featured Artists

Teri Wing

I believe my interest in people started at a very young age, when I was told to sit still and quiet, which was usually at church or a waiting room. I would be handed a pen and old grocery list or envelope from Mums bag, I would draw other people also waiting.

Keight MacLean

Keight MacLean is a Toronto based painter, originally from the Kingston region, an alumna of OCAD University and the school's prestigious Florence Program. Intrigued by our connection to the distant past and the historical treatment of women, MacLean’s work combines elements of Baroque and Renaissance painting with modern and experimental techniques.

Norman Takeuchi

Some years ago, as a way of coming to terms with my ethnicity, I began integrating into my predominantly abstract paintings images from traditional Japanese woodblock prints to illustrate the concept of duality - of being Japanese and Canadian.

Erika Olson

Kingston artist, Erika Olson paints images, usually in oil, with saturated colour relationships and intuitive compositions. Inspired by both still life and emotional content, oftentimes impressionistic, other times fully abstracted. The resulting compositions are simplified and playful.


2020 Visions Exhibitions Launched at Studio22 Open Gallery – by Kamille Parkinson

With a nod to the expression “20/20 vision,” Studio 22 Open Gallery on Market Square has launched a series of exhibitions for 2020 called “It’s a Vision Idiom.” . . . . The first of the series, titled “More than Meets the Eye,” has recently opened and features the work of painter Norman Takeuchi and fibre artist Phillida Hargreaves.

What lies beneath – by Kamille Parkinson

What are we really seeing when we look at another person? This is one variant of a question that two new shows at Studio 22 seem to be asking.

Studio22 confronts self-image in newest exhibits – Queen’s Journal

Studio 22’s latest exhibition forces viewers to confront challenging questions about beauty, mortality, and self-image.

Evelyn Rapin: The Nature of Art

What I experience when I look at Evelyn Rapin’s paintings isn't quite thought or thinking. No. Rapin’s paintings compel associations that skip like a stone across the pond of memory and insist on a response.