Studio22 offers, for Sale and Rent, the artwork of over 40 local and national artists. We work on a commission basis with our artists.  They own the artwork we display.  When we sell or rent the artwork, the artist is paid and the gallery collects its commission. 

We aim to put our artwork in your homes, in your businesses – in your life.  We have several sales and rental options.

All of Studio22’s art is for sale.  Almost all of the artwork in our current collection is also available for rent to those who live or work in Ontario and within a 50 km radius of the gallery.  This is the Kingston advantage.  We love our city and want it to shine with the energy, beauty and vitality of our Canadian Art & Artists.


Purchase Outright

For those who are in a definite frame of mind ~


You know what you like.  You know what you want.


Come in and purchase directly from the gallery or buy online from the comfort of your home.  Online sales offer local pick-up from the gallery or select from several shipping options within Canada or to the US, Europe and elsewhere.


Rent to Try

For those who like change and experimentation ~ 

If you live or work within the Kingston region, you can rent our art.  We offer consultation, delivery and installation services.  If you are a business, you can expense your leasing costs.  For individuals, you can choose to rent your art so that you can change it regularly and enjoy living with many different pieces of art over the years.

We rent our art in 3-month increments at a rate of 4% of the purchase price per month plus HST.  You can change up your art every 3 months or choose to continue to enjoy the same works for a year or more. 

*There is a $20/month minimum rental.  Our smallest works can be rented together to achieve that minimum required rate.

You can RENT TO TRY.  Rent for up to 3 months and you can apply all of your rental fees to the purchase price. Pay the balance owing and the artwork belongs to you for no extra cost.  

Sometimes it is hard to know if a piece of art is exactly right for your circumstance. Having an opportunity to live with a piece for a period of time helps you decide if you want it for life.  Our rent to try option gives you time to decide.


Payment Plan Option

~ For those who know what they want but need time ~


Spread your art payments over 1 year.  Pay 25–50% of the art price as a down payment.  The balance owing is spread over the remaining 11 months of the year with an additional 5% fee added to each month’s payment.  Paying a larger down payment or paying the balance before the year is up will result in you paying less service fees.


Beautiful Art ~ Delightful Circumstance

It’s for everyone.

RENT ART & REFRESH YOUR SPACE We have created an ART RENTAL PROGRAM specifically tailored to meet the needs of our business clients, located in and around Kingston.  Like you, we love our unique city and are committed to the sustainability and vitality of its cultural landscape.  Art sparks conversations, inspires creativity and animates any space. Renting Art for your business is a great way to affordably and conveniently transform your environment.  We’d love to show you what Studio22 has to offer.  Let’s get started today.


WHY RENT ART? There are many reasons to rent original works of art for your home or business:
  • Explore the works of diverse artists working in a variety of mediums and styles.
  • Enjoy a work of art in your space before committing to purchase.
  • Refresh your environment by changing your artwork annually.
  • Show support for working artists within your creative community.
  • Rental fees are a tax-deductible business expense.

Our art rental program offers you access to a wide range of exceptional art at affordable monthly prices. We also offer excellent full service options, from consultation to installation.  Once you have selected the artwork that you like, you will then sign a contract, arrange payment, and voilà!

Your artwork is ready to hang on your wall. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Monthly rental fees are calculated at 5% of the retail price, billed in three month cycles.  Should you decide you want to purchase the artwork, the first three months of your rental fees may be applied to the purchase price. WHAT IS THE RENTAL REGION? Our rental area is approximately a 50km radius around Kingston (excluding the US). HOW DO I RECEIVE THE ARTWORK? If the artwork you have rented can fit safely in your vehicle, we encourage you to take it with you, along with a handy guide on installing artwork.  If you prefer, you may take advantage of our delivery and installation services, which start as low as $50 in town and includes pick up at the end of the lease (Service fees will vary with number of artworks, distance, and those installations which require a team of two people). WHAT IF THE WORK IS DAMAGED? AM I RESPONSIBLE? While in possession of a rented work of art, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of any damage, loss or theft. It is wise to contact your insurance company to make sure you have adequate coverage under your existing policy.