In Her Golden Land

In Her Golden Land by Teresa Mrozicka will open on Tuesday, July 7th and run until Saturday, August 15th. This vibrant, colourful and uplifting exhibit falls under Studio22’s 2020 vision idiom Seeing Eye to Eye and is showing concurrently to Guitar and Moons by Vadim Vaskovsky.

Bones of the Earth

Bones of the Earth can mean something as simple as the physical components that make up our landscape but it can — at times — be about the deeper story behind those components. 

LW Foden

Born in Belleville, Ontario and raised in Kapuskasing, Foden grew up surrounded by vast forest and waterways. He considers those views to be his first inspiration.

HAUNTED GRAFFITI – New paintings by Lee Stewart

Rarely do such varied subjects come together in a studied and cohesive body of work, and yet Stewart manages to lend his signature ability to consume and distill disparate cultural forms, from classic films and art history to folklore and pop culture, and to imbue them with something akin to reverence.