2018 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection

Their community is anything but barren, and the prints that southern patrons collect eagerly are proof that it is a colourful, humorous and provocative place….

Vadim Vaskovsky

Working in a broad range of mediums and subjects, artist, illustrator and graphic designer Vadim Vaskovsky takes inspiration from various locales and themes, including his adopted home in Prince Edward County. His gifted use of colour captures the uniqueness of light on the landscape and ignites the imagination in reminiscence.

Cameron Schaefer

With a combination of nostalgia and whimsy, Kingston-based artist, author, musician, Cameron Schaefer takes us on a whirlwind journey through the humourous, the iconic, and the unexpected. His meticulous process of screen printing and painting employs old-fashioned techniques normally used to produce quantities, in the service of one-of-a-kind pieces.

Bernard Clark

A Kingston native, Bernard Clark has been exhibiting his fine art images for over 25 years. His photographic works often revolve around the theme of icons; whether portraiture or cityscsape, his subjects are elevated to a status evoking veneration.