Beverly Zawitkoski

Montreal artist Beverly Zawitkoski works from her imagination; each piece in search of a particular mood and atmosphere.  Her intent is to create surface treatments that support and express a sense of ambiguity and emotional depth in both her figurative and non figurative work.

Zawitkoski was born in Montreal, Canada, where she obtained her BFA with distinction from Concordia University. She went on to complete her post graduate studies at The Slade School of Fine Arts, London, England on a Commonwealth Scholarship where she was awarded the Leslye Hurry Prize upon graduating. She lives and works in Montreal, creating works on paper and canvas using a combination of acrylic, pastel and charcoal to achieve her vision.

Her mixed media paintings are created from a purely intuitive state. Without initially planning or structuring a work, she uses her materials to inspire and guide her through the process of developing each piece in search of a particular mood and atmosphere. As each piece progresses she gradually builds, forms and shapes the work into a world reflective of an essence of something, without necessarily being a literal interpretation.

Beverly has over twenty-three juried group exhibitions to her name in Quebec, the United States and Prague. She has had many solo exhibitions and has been represented by the Dominion Gallery and Galerie d’Art Contemporain, both in Montreal.