Stefan Duerst

Stefan Duerst is a sculptor working predominantly in fabricated and forged steel, designed for domestic and outdoor installation.  His pieces are abstract, exploring archaic forms, space/non-space relations, and the use of colour.  Surface treatments are varied, from epoxy primer with polyurethane top coat, spray paint, natural patina to simply oiled. Originally from Germany, Duerst has devoted his idyllic piece of the Canadian shield to a sculpture park, located in in Godfrey, Ontario.

Artist Statement:

My sculptures are predominantly in steel, fabricated and forged.  During the forging process, working with fire, my body, machinery and hand tools, I am entering a state similar to meditating.  I have to be totally present in order to shape the material while it is hot, which requires instant action.
As well, I cannot afford to think about anything else, in order to not get burnt.  Creating sculpture is a very grounding experience for me.  I am able to express my emotions in a very direct and physical way.
My fabricated and forged pieces are an extension of each other, interpreting and expressing my thoughts and feelings through their own specific aesthetic.


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