Modern Love


Dimensions: 43 x 3 x 3 in / 109.22 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm Weight: 7.0 lbs SKU: OR000019 Category: Tags: , , Exhibitions: , Artist: Rental Rate: CAN$520/month

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Material(s):  Belgium black marble, Persian white onyx and forged titanium by Stefan Duerst.

Size/weight:  110cm x 8cm x 8cm / 43 x 3 x 3" Approximately 3.2Kg / 7lbs

Start/Completion date:   Summer 2020/ Winter 2021

Description: Belgium Black marble calla lily with detachable white onyx pistil, mounted onto detachable forged titanium stem.

Artist Intention:

“I know when to go out, when to stay in, get things done.”

- David Bowie, ‘Modern Love’

This modern-day calla lily was sculpted to a state of fragility and complexity that drained my patience and challenged my perceptions, all set to the soundtrack of this song. It is an exploration of unconventional design elements. Inspired by x-rays, the piece is set in layers all leading the eye into the centre of the calla lily.

The elongated white onyx pistil is visible throughout the length the sculpture, and behaves like a conduit, by redirecting the ambient light into the sculpture, which continues down the forged titanium stem.