Victor Oriecuia

Victor Oriecuia, a Kingston-based stone sculptor with 20 years experience, is passionate about pursuing and preserving old-world sculpting traditions. Victor’s hand carved sculptures push the perceptions and limitations of marble, onyx, and other hard stones. He is drawn to the intimate nature and devotion required to render sculptures, and the unlimited potential and beauty of natural stone. Victor’s exquisite sculptures engage viewers with an artform that has remained virtually unchanged throughout human history.  

Artist Statement:

Sculpting stone is a calling that I can not ignore. Sculpting invades my thoughts at the most inopportune time, it commands my actions and dictates my fate. I’m drawn to the complex nature of sculpting hard stones and the perseverance that is required. It is the smell of freshly carved marble, and the variance of textures and forms which guides me through the completion of each sculpture. The relentless chisel strikes, the meticulous file strokes and the never-ending sanding all seem irrelevant once a new sculpture emerges. The physical and mental anguish dissipate once the newly sculpted form is complete. My finger pads eventually heal, and my mind renegotiates the conditions for my next sculpture. 

I sculpt Canadian marble despite it being tough, unforgiving and resistant to change. The allure of Canadian marble is its’ intrinsic beauty and uniqueness from other marbles around the world. 

The theme of my current work is not always obvious to the observer. My work focuses on the variability and unpredictability of all personal relationships. Struggles, failures and triumphs in emotional interactions are common to us all. As I progress though each piece, I am able to examine what I am and what others mean to me. My work in stone enables me to express my emotions which would otherwise remain suppressed. Without my ability to sculpt, I would be rendered emotionless.


Artistic Approach: 

Our day to day lives are bombarded with quick fixes and disposable, single use products with limited use that carry no sustained value. My ambition as an artist is to re-introduce the public to local, hand-crafted, original art with no reproductions or short-cuts, which can be enjoyed for generations. My approach to sculpture is to capture the likeness in anatomy, character, and mood of my subject, while evoking an emotional response by the observer. My pursuit of classical sculpture compels me to employ traditional tools and old world techniques to create vibrant, one of a kind stone sculptures that will last an eternity.

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