Dimensions: 43 x 4 x 4 in / 109.22 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm Weight: 7.0 lbs SKU: OR000016 Category: Tags: , , , Exhibitions: , Artist: Rental Rate: CAN$168/month

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Material(s):  reclaimed waste materials: Kingston limestone, Kingston raspberry sandstone, minted silver, birch.   Roughing and final finishing of birch stem was commissioned to local woodworker, Ben Garofalo.

Size/weight:  110cm x 10cm x 10cm / 43 X 4 X  4"  Approximately 3.2Kg /  7lbs

Start/Completion date:   Winter 2020/Summer 2020

Description: Kingston sandstone calla lily, Kingston limestone pistil with silver metal transition to scorched birch stem.

Artist Intention:

I challenged myself to create a sculpture using local materials that were unwanted. The body of the calla lily was sculpted from a block of local raspberry sandstone, which was banished to a rubble pile for years. The limestone was once an integral part of the historic Kingston Courthouse, now discarded and replaced by a freshly hewn block.

The internal surface of the sandstone flower is unnaturally smooth and reflective, which creates an unfamiliar appearance.  The sculpted limestone pistil proudly reveals the unexpected gems and celestial-like quality of this noble stone.

The stone sculpture is affixed to reclaimed birch.  The wooden stem was reborn in fire, by the shou sugi ban surface treatment.  The resurrection of the sculptural components are tempered with a silver coupling to absorb and quell the rise of bad omens.