Sacro Fiore


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Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 x 10 in / 80.01 x 80.01 x 25.4 cm Weight: 15.0 lbs SKU: OR000013 Category: Tags: , , Exhibitions: , Artist: Rental Rate: CAN$660/month

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Material(s):  Italian Carrara white marble and Bardiglio grey marble, forged wrought iron. The forged iron stem by Stefan Duerst.

Size/weight: 80cm  x 80cm x 25cm / 31½ x 31½ x 10" wall mounted.  Approximately 6.8 Kg / 15lbs

Start/Completion date:   Fall 2018/Spring 2020

Description: Carrara white calla lily, with bardiglio pistil and detachable wrought iron stem.

Artist Intention:

I don’t associate calla lilies with sacred attributes. Rather, it is the sculptural representation of sacred elements which resonate within me. The sacredness of family, natural materials, and interactions with light are all present in this piece.

Family is represented by the white and grey “sister” marbles, which have evolved and co-existed for millions of years in the Carrara quarries.  The integration of stone and iron is a sacred union, responsible for the development and advancement of religion, civilizations, and humankind. The sacred ability of Carrara marble to filter, reflect, and absorb light, provides this stone with celestial luminosity that has been cherished for centuries.