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Beauty and grace motivate my art. I want "Togetherness" to remind the audience that beauty is all around us. The Superstack and the Big Nickel are both symbols of Ontario's north and that we should treasure our lives up here. They also make our reality unique by reminding us of the human achievements contrasting and highlighting nature.

Nature represented by the female form, the girl, the wife, the mother who carries the tenderness, care and support that nurtures love and life. It is the woman with her smile, gentle touch and heart that warms even the coldest of nights. The man lurking in the darkness of the underground cherishes the luminous thoughts of the loved one above, the miner for whom all pains and labors are the greatest rewards if they only make those closest, those living and working in the world up there happy.

Connecting the masculine and feminine of the two worlds, connecting nature and industry, connecting light and darkness closes the circle of life reinforcing beauty, hope and love. This mural celebrates the togetherness in all aspects of life, the togetherness on all aspects of life, the togetherness that surmounts all perils, all hurdles, and all obstacles of our northern, harsh but beautiful winters. The togetherness that make living in the north worthwhile.