Autumn 2021

First Floor

Featured Artist – Victor Oriecuia

Second Floor - Exhibition Gallery / Studio Gallery

Featured Artist – Bruno Capolongo

Summer 2021

First Floor

Featured Artists 

Bernard Clark – Stefan Duerst – Wallace Edwards – IMAMess… –  Hersh Jacob – Keight MacLean – Evelyn Rapin – Cameron Schaefer – Ewa Scheer – Lee Stewart

Second Floor - Exhibition Gallery

Featured Artists 

Frank Danielson – Stefan Duerst – Keight MacLean – Susan Oomen – Susan Paloschi – Lee Stewart – Teri Wing

Second Floor - Studio Gallery

Featured Artists 

Bruno Capolongo – Molly McClung – Norman Takeuchi – JT Winik – Teri Wing -Beverly Zawitkoski 

Spring 2021

First Floor

Featured Artists 

JT Winik – Stefan Duerst – Bernard Clark – Teri Wing – Bruno Capolongo – Beverly Zawitkowski – Susan Oomen – IMAMess… – Terera Mrozicka

Second Floor - Exhibition Gallery

Featured Artists 

Erika Olson – Frank Danielson – Jeff Mann – Bernard Clark – Evelyn Rapin

Osvaldo González Herrera – Molly McClung – Ewa Scheer – Maggie Sutherland – Vadim Vaskovsky

Second Floor - Studio Gallery

Featured Artists 

Barry Blunden – Lee Stewart – Teresa Mrozicka – Rob Niezen – Norman Takeuchi – Erika Olson – Keight MacLean

Spring 2020

First Floor
Exhibition Gallery
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Studio Gallery
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First Floor artwork by:

Bruno Capolongo • Stefan Duerst • Rick Lapointe • Keight MacLean • Susan Oomen • Susan Paloschi • Margaret Sutherland • Teri Wing • JT Winik

Hallway artwork by:

LW Foden • IMAMess... • Susan Oomen • Ewa Scheer • JT Winik

Exhibit Gallery artwork by:

Norman Takeuchi - New Beginnings

Studio Gallery artwork by:

Phillida Hargreaves - Unearthed

Back Room artwork by:

Bernard Clark • Jane Derby • Debra Krakow • Jeff Mann • Ingeborg Mohr • Evelyn Rapin • Lee Stewart

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