An exhibit of new work by

Phillida Hargreaves


“Rocks are the exposed bones of the earth. Their size, solidity and longevity appeal to me, and the forces that form and sculpt them intrigue me. This series celebrates rocks in a number of detailed studies. Each frames the rocks as subjects of beauty in their own right, rather than as part of a larger landscape. I am interested in their form, texture and the subtle complexity of colours within them. I often pair the rocks with the plants that colonize them or the water that erodes them. Rocks change over time and it is these elements, plants and water, that bring about the changes. Their visual presence offers movement as a  contrast to the immutability of the rocks. Each piece is built up in layers. I start with whole cloth which is dyed, then painted, printed and drawn on with ink. I add pieces of transparent fabric and then I hand embroider the whole to add extra textural dimension. The rocks which have inspired me are local, national and international. They include rocks from Newfoundland, the Yukon, Iceland, the Colorado Plateau, the Canadian Shield, and our local limestone rock cuts and shoreline.” – Phillida Hargreaves

The Exhibition

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Phillida Hargreaves

Phillida Hargreaves is an award winning artist who has been making and selling fibre art in the Kingston area for overs 20 years. Phillida’s first solo show with Studio22 was titled Narrow Spaces back in the Spring of 2014. Her work has been shown in Canada, the United States, France and England.