December 6th to February 1st, 2015

Oils • Acrylics • Watercolours • Mixed Media • Graphics • Prints • Photography • Wood • Stone • Steel • Bronze


Featuring new work by:

Robert Blenderman

Bernard Clark

Robbie D

Krzysztof Doniewski

Patti Emmerson

Phillida Hargreaves

Patterson Kehoe

Susan Oomen

Ulrich Panzer

Cameron Schaefer


Additional Collection of works by:

Peter Coffman, Holly Dean, Stefan Duerst, Ruth Dukas, Wallace Edwards, Hersh Jacob, Diane Laundy, Debra Krakow, Molly McClung, Bruce Millen, Elias Mina, Teresa Mrozicka, Victor Oriecuia, Susan Paloschi, Nickolay Savov, Ewa Scheer, Jacqueline Staikos, Margaret Sutherland, Larry Thompson


Regular Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, 11 to 5 pm.  Thursdays ’till 8pm & Fridays ’till 10 pm