Barry Blunden

Anyone who strolls down Princess and King street and through the back courtyards of downtown Kingston is already familiar with the works of Barry Blunden. Without realizing it, residents and visitors alike have been delighted by the hanging laundry and grasshopper in the Brock Street Commons, the pelican and gargoyle along King street on the Whig and Masonic buildings and the rooster standing outside the Golden Rooster itself. Even the beautiful detailing along many of downtown’s most iconic buildings belongs to Blunden.  Born in, and named for Barryfield, Blunden is a part of Kingston’s history not only in legacy but in his longstanding contributions to the aesthetic of the town.
For the first time in years, a collection (spanning decades) of Blunden’s work will be shown and offered for sale at Studio 22, Open Gallery. His time as a working copper and tinsmith has led to a stunning collection of architectural detailing, practical pieces for the home and decorative sculptures.
Blunden himself describes the durability and longstanding nature of the material used in his work. Joking that his pieces will one day be seen on the antique roadshow, the serious longevity of his craft becomes clear. Just like Kingston itself, Barry Blunden’s pieces have a long standing history behind them and a new history waiting ahead of them.
For decades before and ever creating still, there is always more to come…
“I just want to rush out every morning and get my hands dirty. This is what I do.” – Barry Blunden

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