Teri Wing

Nothing intrigues me more than people, while I enjoy painting landscapes and still life, I love the figure. We all can relate to human emotions and experiences, it’s universal.

I believe my interest in people started at a very young age, when I was told to sit still and quiet, which was usually at church or a waiting room. I would be handed a pen and old grocery list or envelope from Mums bag, I would draw other people also waiting. A sketch book in my bag, is a must as I still do this when faced with a long wait, I love to study people.  I try to paint or draw every day, it’s a natural part of my day.

Living in the small town of Gananoque in the heart of the beautiful Thousand Islands, offers endless inspiration. I volunteer giving art classes at a local Center for Community Living for folks with mental and physical challenges and they also inspire me with their determination and creativity.



Dramatic lighting excites and inspires me to paint no matter the subject. Painting is a very meditative process for me, it takes me to a place where time stands still, where everything disappears except the subject, and a story that goes with it.  I prefer my art to be contemplative and a bit melancholy. I strive for all my art to be beautiful, thought provoking and timeless.

I paint with oils using palette knife or flat brushes painting wet in wet, with suggestive strokes, keeping things more genuine and honest. I use cold wax as a medium as it allows me to add layers and texture giving the art some history.  My palette is usually limited to 3 to 5 colours  plus white. I love the challenge and thrill of finding just the right colour through my own mixtures.