SHOP TALK with JT Winik

“Art making is intuitive and interactive. Bits and pieces attract each other like magnets and, in the end, the marriage of these elements opens a world that is familiar.”

Texture is Art

Avi Jacob interviews Phillida Hargreaves   For local artist, Phillida Hargreaves, the world of art is “totally open.” She works in her home in a bright room with large bay windows overlooking lake and trees – full of life all year round. Phillida works with fabrics and wool to create scenes both imagined and witnessed. […]

Inside Debra Krakow’s Studio

Local artist Debra Krakow lives with her family on Wolfe Island in a beautiful self-designed home. As an architect Krakow designed the house for her young family in the mid 90s. At the top of this tall, yellow structure sits a small, bright studio, tailor made by and for the artist who resides in it.