Robert Blenderman

Robert Blenderman was born near Cologne Germany in 1934.  He is self-taught.  His primary medium is oil.

Artist Statements:

I think a Painter paints best what he thinks about the most.  For me that is objects and present surroundings.

I always thought of Kingston as the jewel that was unknown to the rest of Canada. It had that kind of character that builds over time…

I love Kingston…I resonate with it, I feel a rapport with it all…the old town…the building, the alleyways, the old churches…it’s the textures of the red brick and the limestone. Kingston has always had a quality that really appealed to me…not in a pretty sense. Like landscape…its beauty comes from its ruggedness, its power to face time, its colours and of course the water and the light…

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Robert Blenderman

Paintings by Robert Blenderman

Blenderman’s tireless imagination is hardly exhausted by local streetscapes and landscapes. Realistic, classically styled still lives and wildly expressive abstracts have also been the subject of his attention over the years.