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New works in Acrylic and Mixed Media

March 22 to April 27, 2014

Debra Krakow is a Canadian artist and architect whose luminous abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed-media evoke the light-infused landscape of the Thousand Islands region of Ontario where she lives, and the less knowable, multi-layered landscape of the mind.

Debra has exhibited in her native city of Montreal, as well as in Ottawa, Kingston, Halifax and New York State. Her works are held in public and private collections throughout North America.

Artist Statement

My artwork is a quest for a new aesthetic that melds our deeply rooted notions of beauty with our modern, urbanized sensibilities.  I tend to work in series, with many pieces in progress at one time, each informing the other.This year I’m continuing my exploration of spontaneous abstract painting, but moving into larger formats. With a big canvas, there’s just more room for interesting things to happen. Beginning with an underpainting of luminous glazes, I build my paintings layer by layer, selectively revealing and obscuring the intent of the layer below. This creates a richly textured finished piece that is evocative and intriguing, and invites interpretation without imposing an overt meaning.I’m also working on a series of smaller, playful mixed-media works on canvas and paper. The quilted series brings together my recent forays into textile art, handmade paper, collage and paint. These pieces are inspired by nature yet still, for the most part, completely non-representational. The infusion of fibre and paper crafts into these paintings gives them a three-dimensional, tactile quality which I love.  I am very excited by these new paintings, and by the process of creating them.

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