There are people in these paintings, but they’re not portraits. They’re about communing with nature, sun warming our shoulders, wind ruffling our hair, grass cool and damp under our bare feet.


Ending the decade and kicking off 2020 in a BIG way! Have you spent the better part of 2019 staring at blank walls? Have you dreamed of finding a perfect one-of-a-kind signature piece for your home or office? 2019 has been a great year for Studio22.  We have had 8 successful solo shows as well as acquired a number of fabulous new artists. […]

Winter Portfolio Series

New work by Jane Derby, Margaret Hughes, Debra Krakow, Keight Maclean, Molly McClung, Teresa Mrozicka, Rob Niezen, Erika Olson, Susan Oomen, Lee Stewart and Vadim Vaskovsky.

FUEL for Hibernation

A gift is many things.  It is not always of a physical nature, and a physical offering is not always the real gift.

Art After Dark this Friday 7 to 10 pm

We like to play our music loud during Art After Dark.  It’s loose.  It’s fun.  Visitors should expect to enjoy groovin’ to the tunes while taking in our Contemporary Canadian Art & Artists. FEATURED ART Haunted Graffiti – Paintings by Lee Stewart SPRING Artist Portfolio Series Barry Blunden • Bernard Clark • Rebecca Cowan • […]

SPRING 2018: Artist Portfolio Series

Introducing the Artist Portfolio Series. A chance for our customers to have easy access to the newest works of our artists both in the gallery and identified online. Browse, discover, purchase – online or in the gallery.

REMNANTS – Debra Krakow

Krakow’s work reminds us that our subjective viewpoints necessarily reflect experience filtered through time and that which we most accurately perceive often demands focused attention and thoughtful exploration.

Last Week of Current Exhibits

We are in the final few days of our current exhibit period.  Our featured exhibits, A Perfect Day – New Oils by Susan Oomen, Paintings by Robert Blenderman and Rebecca Cowan’s Julie Brown Project, have been accompanied by some terrific new work by Teresa Mrozicka, Debra Krakow, and introducing Isaac Gillis. Some of our Favourites […]

Horizons – Exhibition

Debra Krakow’s large abstract acrylic paintings on exhibit at Studio22.
April 12th to May 15th, 2016

HORIZONS – New Works by Debra Krakow

All it takes is the subtlest hint of a horizon line for our minds to see landscape in an abstract painting. We’re drawn to wide-open spaces and expansive views, and landscape paintings connect us to these places. The concept of abstract landscape allows me incredible artistic freedom and yet grounds the work in visual experience. – Debra Krakow

Crows ~ New Acrylic Paintings by Debra Krakow

On clear mornings I could see for miles and miles; by mid-afternoon we were usually in the clouds. The crows would swoop down from the woods behind me and soar out over the valley below. I loved watching them from this vantage point.

Inside Debra Krakow’s Studio

Local artist Debra Krakow lives with her family on Wolfe Island in a beautiful self-designed home. As an architect Krakow designed the house for her young family in the mid 90s. At the top of this tall, yellow structure sits a small, bright studio, tailor made by and for the artist who resides in it.

Debra Krakow – Evolving Surface

My artwork is a quest for a new aesthetic that melds our deeply rooted notions of beauty with our modern, urbanized sensibilities. I tend to work in series, with many pieces in progress at one time, each informing the other.This year I’m continuing my exploration of spontaneous abstract painting, but moving into larger formats. With a big canvas, there’s just more room for interesting things to happen. Beginning with an underpainting of luminous glazes, I build my paintings layer by layer, selectively revealing and obscuring the intent of the layer below. This creates a richly textured finished piece that is evocative and intriguing, and invites interpretation without imposing an overt meaning.I’m also working on a series of smaller, playful mixed-media works on canvas and paper. The quilted series brings together my recent forays into textile art, handmade paper, collage and paint. These pieces are inspired by nature yet still, for the most part, completely non-representational. The infusion of fibre and paper crafts into these paintings gives them a three-dimensional, tactile quality which I love. I am very excited by these new paintings, and by the process of creating them.