Renowned photographer Andrew Danson Danushevsky returns to Studio 22 Open Gallery with a new collection.  

This fall marks the return of internationally recognized Canadian photographer, educator, author, and curator Andrew Danson Danushevsky to Kingston’s own Studio 22 Open Gallery.   Actively exhibiting since 1973, and featured in over 50 exhibitions both in Canada and internationally, Danson Danushevsky is perhaps best known for his remarkable series of iconic portraits of prominent Canadian politicians, which became the national bestseller Unofficial Portraits:  Canadian Politicians Photographed by Themselves (1987).

The current exhibition, entitled Illusion, like the artist himself, defies simple description.  Andrew Danson Danushevsky is no less a social commentator than an artist.  With his latest body of work he proposes a new dialogue with and about the medium of photography itself.  The grid photographs are symbolic portrayals of the ubiquity of digital imagery and the way in which we engage, or perhaps disengage, from photography in our modern age.

The interplay between multiplicity and simplicity, distance and clarity is revealed, playfully, as perhaps an illusion.  By challenging our perceptions of the limits of what photography is meant to do, Danson Danushevsky invites us to move with him beyond art for art sake, and participate in an invaluable conversation about the uniqueness of perspective in a world bombarded by both mundane and provocative imagery.  Ultimately, he reminds us that every view stems from and leads back to a worldview.  What we share and what we borrow overlap in unimaginable landscapes.

Illusion is on display at Studio 22, from September 27-Novemember 5, 2016.