Landscapes from the ‘Canadian Sublime’ Collection

Artist Bruno Capolongo presents a selection of large landscape paintings that are part of a recent body of work celebrating the magnificence of Canada.  

For years I have been encouraged by friends and collectors alike to spend more time on landscape paintings which I have painted now and then between projects for galleries in New York City, Toronto, and elsewhere.

The paintings seen here represent my growing attention to landscapes, with nearly all subjects being only minutes away from my west Niagara studio.  ‘Canadian Sublime’ is the title I give this evolving body of work, which is finding an appreciative audience in light of growing national pride and international recognition of Canada as a place of great and distinct natural beauty.  ‘Canadian Sublime’ is my effort to capture that beauty, in the small and simple, and in the large and majestic.

– Bruno Capolongo

Bruno Capolongo is an established artist of Neapolitan descent whose work is collected by private and corporate collectors in addition to a growing list of public galleries and museums. With an exhibition record of over 140 exhibitions, the artist has also been represented by a number of fine art establishments, including galleries in Toronto, New York City, Montreal, and Washington DC. Capolongo is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the internationally coveted Elizabeth Greenshields prize three times (of which there’ve been few since 1955), and consecutive first place awards for the national Canadian exhibition and competition ‘Evidence of Things Unseen.’


The Artwork