“As a visual artist, I often explore themes of isolation, introspection and the fusion of contrary states of being. Whether my work is figurative, abstract or in the realm of landscape, I’m intrigued with the pairing of dichotomies, these which may appear in the expression of a face or in the lines of an abstract. Merging beauty and awkwardness, freedom and control, fragility and strength, etc., I seek to capture the fine balance that binds opposites – because that’s the world I observe, the world I feel, and the world that most moves me: a world that always knows some sense of discomfort in its beauty.”

JT’s work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, The Netherlands and Mexico and she is currently represented in galleries in Toronto, Montreal, and Amsterdam. Her paintings have been featured in national magazines, books and book covers in Canada, Holland, Turkey and England. She paints full time from her studio in Kingston and has spent extensive periods working at studios in Spain, Holland and Mexico. Her work has been collected throughout Canada, the USA and Europe.