Montreal-based Cuban artist Osvaldo González Herrera

A stunning body of work representing an extraordinarily unique vision, RETORNO takes the viewer on a journey into the surreal landscape of dreams.

Herrera’s work defies conventional definitions, liberating the viewer from the constructs of previously conceived notions of the human form.  Incorporating a splatter-like style reminiscent of Jackson Pollock and evoking the sensibility and playfulness of Ralph Stedman, Herrera recalls abstract expressionism as an anchor for an entirely original direction.  Much of Herrera’s works have a narrative quality, featuring enigmatic themes and lurid figures in intriguing situations.

In Herrera’s own words, “I propose possible interpretations in order to provoke a dialogue with the viewer.” In so doing, the discourse between subject and object is set in motion, whereby the exchange of ideas creates a flow that leads the viewer back to the initial state of wonder.  There are no easy answers here, but a return to yet more questions.

Working in a variety of forms, from painting and graphic arts to humorist drawing, Osvaldo González Herrera studied art in his native Cuba.  In 2013, Herrera relocated to Montreal, where he continues to work as a painter and graphic artist. His work has been shown in several solo and collective exhibitions, both in Cuba and internationally. He has published his humorist works in several local newspapers.

RETORNO; Paintings by Osvaldo González Herrera will be on display at Studio 22, located at 320 King Street East, Kingston from May 30 –July 1.

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