New paintings by Keight MacLean

June 4th to July 6th

The Artwork



Persistent explores women living their lives, pushing past adversity and trying times to achieve their goals during an era when women were seen first as their gender, and second as people. Focusing on historical subjects ranging from peasants to noblewomen, painter Keight MacLean seeks to celebrate the strength and perseverance of the silenced female. Persistent is made up of a moving collection of traditional portraits brought into the modern sphere with contemporary materials and experimental techniques. “Persistent speaks both to the women in my paintings, and also the year I’ve lived while producing them; suffering the major loss of my beloved studio, followed by a string of sickness and injuries.” A Kingston native, this is MacLean’s second solo exhibition at Studio22.



Persistent Exhibition



This beautiful and accessibly priced poster art produced by the Idea Manufactory featuring the original artwork of Keight MacLean is offered for sale, both online and in the gallery, with a portion of the proceeds going to The United Way of KFL&A and directed towards women’s initiatives. 

Women United – women helping women is an apt way for Studio22 through its artist and her art – to help to continue to give voice to contemporary women and their issues.



20″x 36″

medium weight digital poster print



Persistent Exhibition





$18 (tax inclusive)