Guitars and Moons

Paintings by Vadim Vaskovsky

Guitars and Moons by Vadim Vaskovsky will open on Tuesday, July 7th and run until Saturday, August 15th. This vibrant, colourful and uplifting exhibit falls under Studio22’s 2020 vision idiom Seeing Eye to Eye and is showing concurrently to In Her Golden Land by Teresa Mrozicka.

Preview and presale for this exhibit will take place from Tuesday, July 7th to Friday, July 10th.  Normal gallery hours will resume July 7thand exhibits open to the general public for purchase on Saturday July 11th.   On this opening day, the gallery will be holding a Drop Across with the artists in attendance from 1 to 4 pm.  Numbers will be monitored for safety but all are welcome to stop by to meet and speak with the artists and view the exhibits.

Artist Statement:

Work knows what it wants.  Form tells me about itself.  I search for concrete forms of my sensations and perceptions.  I paint and translate. This language has its roots in synthetic cubism developed by Picasso and Braque a hundred years ago. 

Guitars, moons, mouse, dog, cat, seagull looking at a melon, mandolines, palms and musicians., these are the ‘talking’ or ‘singing’ elements of this series. I tell some stories yet try to find that transition point of when paint applied to canvas transforms into what it represents, whether that be a guitar or a moon. I want strokes and fills to remain material in texture, shape and pigment to achieve an ornamental look of the painting. Brushes, palette knives, combs and sticks are used in the impasto method of applying oil and acrylic paints.


Vadim Vaskovsky, born in 1973, spent his childhood in Central Asia, Russia, and Ukraine before moving to Canada in 2002. The artist takes inspiration from various locales and themes, including his adopted home in Prince Edward County. 
Since graduating from the Grekov Art College in Odessa, Ukraine in 1990, his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications. His art works can be found in private and public collections in Europe, Canada and the United States.