Seeing Eye to Eye

July 7th– August 15th, 2020

Guitars and Moons

by Vadim Vaskovsky

In Her Golden Land

by Teresa Mrozicka


Guitar and Moons by Vadim Vaskovsky and In Her Golden Land by Teresa Mrozicka will open on Tuesday, July 7th and run until Saturday, August 15th. This vibrant, colourful and uplifting exhibit period falls under Studio22’s 2020 vision idiom ‘Seeing Eye to Eye’. 

Preview and presale for this exhibit will take place from Tuesday, July 7th to Friday, July 10th.  Normal gallery hours will resume July 7thand exhibits open to the general public for purchase on Saturday July 11th.   On this opening day, the gallery will be holding a DROP ACROSS with the artists in attendance from 1 to 4 pm.  Numbers will be monitored for safety but all are welcome to stop by to meet and speak with the artists and view the exhibits.

“Vibrant colours have the inherent quality of being uplifting.  Brightness cheers us.  As we come out of our protective and restrictive interiors to the sunshine and freshness of a dawning summer season, our hearts lift and we miraculously adapt a skip to our step despite the dire predicament of our current collective experience.  We need to be lifted up – especially right now.

I used to own a pair of bright yellow corduroy pants.  They weren’t the best fit or the most flattering to my figure but I was always struck by how happy wearing them made me feel.  Every time I looked down at my legs, I felt inexplicably happy.  It was like turning my face up to the sun and feeling a gentle heat kiss my skin.  It literally brightened my day.

It is this uplifting ‘sun seeking’ ethos that governs the current work of artists Vadim Vaskovsky and Teresa Mrozicka.  Vaskovsky looks to the lure of southern locations for his body of work titled Guitars and Moons.  The canvases encapsulating and transporting us to a south summer idyll where life has a calm stillness and warmth and the sounds of happy ease surround.  The viewer travels to a happy place.  Mrozicka finds her sunshine and light in the garden – In Her Golden Land- where rolling hills and blanketing skies are likened to feminine curves and earth’s mothering nature.  The artist embraces the in and out cycles of seasonal living to motivate and guide her artistic practice.  Her work always plays to this joy in nature.

It is in this vibrancy of light and colour that places these two artists eye to eye.  Where their inspiration and their expression meet to bring the viewer a bit of warmth and comfort that is so needed when we come out of the dark of winter and the coolness of shade whether that be figurative or literal.  This is a time to look up and feel inexplicably happy – and, if you are so inclined, to take a slice of this sunshine into your own world – to gaze upon and find cheer whenever you need it.” 

– Ally Jacob, Director, Studio22

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