Ewa Scheer

Ewa Scheer, based out of Montreal, is an artist of unique vision.  In her ice project, Scheer applies non-toxic pigments on natural ice formed in the forest; her paintings exist for as little as two seconds and as long as two weeks.  The work is then photographed, set behind thick plexiglass which mirrors ice, allowing her to preserve these transient images and capture the moment of interaction between creator and Creation.

Artist Statement:

The art I need is one which inspires us to live and think, the one which helps us to face our own mortality. Art reveals pain and beauty, it makes us aware. Like REM sleep it processes all. Artists are conduits. Art is everywhere; I find it by applying non-toxic pigments on ice formed on ponds and in the forest. The ice-paintings come from a need to connect with you. The paintings exist for as little as two seconds and for as long as two weeks. Their life span depends solely on the temperature of the environment. We project on to the image, which reflects our human culture and our human concerns. The ice-paintings suggest bursting stars, the universe and the shapes which build our world. These are archetypal stories shared by our common sub-conscious, conveying our relationship with nature and culture, and our responsibility to care for and nurture both.


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