COLOUR BLAST – Erika Olson

Erika Olson’s new solo exhibition features a return to the large colourful abstracts which marked the early days of her painting career.

REMNANTS – Debra Krakow

Krakow’s work reminds us that our subjective viewpoints necessarily reflect experience filtered through time and that which we most accurately perceive often demands focused attention and thoughtful exploration.

JT Winik

Kinston based painter JT Winik seeks to capture the fine balance that binds opposites. A keen observer, her paintings merge beauty and awkwardness, freedom and control, fragility and strength, often evoking a strong emotional sense of discomfort in their portrayal of beauty. Highly regarded, her paintings are shown in Canada and Europe, and featured in magazines, books and book covers, internationally.

Collective Sparks ~ ShagRug 2016

For many years the members of the artists’ collective, which was named after the yellow shag rug which once adorned the studio of founding member, Erika Olson, have gathered together to inspire and nourish each others creativity.

Horizons – Exhibition

Debra Krakow’s large abstract acrylic paintings on exhibit at Studio22.
April 12th to May 15th, 2016

Ewa Scheer

Ewa Scheer, based out of Montreal, is an artist of unique vision. In her ice project, Scheer applies non-toxic pigments on natural ice formed in the forest; her paintings exist for as little as two seconds and as long as two weeks. The work is then photographed, set behind thick plexiglass which mirrors ice, allowing her to preserve these transient images and capture the moment of interaction between creator and Creation.

Studio interview with Patti Emmerson

Patti Emmerson is bursting with energy as she invites me into her home. She speaks with her hands and greets me with a smile on her face which truly sets the tone as I enter the small room that acts as her studio. The floors are splattered with paint and the walls are covered with […]

Patti Emmerson – Trip the Light

Patti Emmerson Trip the Light New Abstract Acrylics June 14 to July 13, 2014 “trip the light” : to “trip the light fantastic” is to dance nimbly or lightly, or to move in a pattern to musical accompaniment. It is often used in a humorous vein. To dance, especially in an imaginative or ‘fantastic’ manner. […]

Inside Debra Krakow’s Studio

Local artist Debra Krakow lives with her family on Wolfe Island in a beautiful self-designed home. As an architect Krakow designed the house for her young family in the mid 90s. At the top of this tall, yellow structure sits a small, bright studio, tailor made by and for the artist who resides in it.