Sacha Warunkiw

Sacha Warunkiw is an abstract painter and graphic designer born in Edmonton, Alberta. He currently resides in Deseronto, Ontario.

Warunkiw studied at the California Institute of Arts and his current portfolio includes Hard-edge Abstractions, Abstracts Expressionist works and semi realistic pencil drawings. His preferred mediums are acrylic, oil and watercolor.

Warunkiw’s work is often created from a place of pure emotion and he is excited by color, composition and visual impact. His work aims to spark something emotional and deeply personal in every viewer.

“Hard-edge keeps me on the edge of something only time will allow me to understand.” – Sacha Warunkiw

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Artist Statement

As colors collide, Minimalism can be emotional, evoking deep personal feelings while at the same time remaining beautifully simple. Warunkiw’s Hard-edge colorful abstraction works play on geometrical shapes derived from nature and the imagination. The inspiration for his paintings oftentimes derived from an idea percolating during a dream or meditation session.

Color and shape merge together on the canvas to express energy as well as peacefulness. The zen like vision evoked by a simple shape on a single colorfield can speak louder than a hundred brushstrokes of many colors, simplifying our visual transcendence through the realm of space and time. On the other side of the artistic coin Warunkiw’s abstract expressionist works play out like the motion of Sufi dervish dancers, sitar riffs or a symphony of impromptu jazz bites. Bouncing, clashing, inviting one to visually feast.