The House the Spirit Builds

The House the Spirit Builds reminds us that joy and inspiration can be found in the smallest
of things and that it is in our quest for a sense of belonging that we are united. The poems and
photographs seen together are an invitation to expand our sense of wonder and our sense that all
things are connected.


New works from Bernard Clark’s ongoing Notorious Series   Bernard Clark likes working in series.  Known for his Tattoo Portrait series, he has also explored numerous other sets of work.  At Studio22, we have seen Musician and Artist Portraits, Hotel signs, Pop Art signs and Camera series.  His newest effort, Celebrity Mugshots, is part of Clark’s […]

Shop Talk with Bernard Clark

The working title for my new series is GRIDWORK. It revolves around the appropriation of public portraits of recognizable individuals.

FUEL for Hibernation

A gift is many things.  It is not always of a physical nature, and a physical offering is not always the real gift.


Influenced by textiles and quilts and the way they are created and combined, Laundy’s technique involves cutting and arranging the same image, a series of images, or parts of images.

Andrew Danson Danushevsky

Actively exhibiting since 1973, and featured in over 50 exhibitions, internationally recognized Canadian photographer, educator, author, and curator Andrew Danson Danushevsky continues to document and comment on the complex relationships and attachments of the human experience. For the last several years Danushevsky has called the remote Change Islands, NL home.

Bernard Clark

A Kingston native, Bernard Clark has been exhibiting his fine art images for over 25 years. His photographic works often revolve around the theme of icons; whether portraiture or cityscsape, his subjects are elevated to a status evoking veneration.