Share your love of art with the ones you love.

November 3 to December 8, 2018

Preview – October 30-31 / Pre-Sale – November 1-2

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Group Show featuring the work of

Robert Blenderman, Bernard Clark, Jane Derby, Stefan Duerst, Debra Krakow, Molly McClung, Teresa Mrozicka, Susan Oomen, Rob Niezen, Susan Paloschi, Evelyn Rapin, Lee Stewart, Norman Takeuchi and Vadim Vaskovsky

(All artwork priced under $500)


The act of giving is engrained in many cultures – ritualized for a myriad of purposes – as rite, as reward, as gratitude.  A gift is many things.  It is not always of a physical nature, and a physical offering is not always the real gift. A pair of track shoes to the aspiring runner is a gift of opportunity.  A book to a child is a gift of an expanded mind.

It is natural that we like to share the things we value.  In a world of ever expanding stuff, it is more important than ever that we find value in the things we choose to share.  We at Studio22 hold dear the idea that art is a gift. It elevates our state of mind and gives texture and colour to our imaginations.  In the words of Ezra Pound,

Beauty in art reminds one what is worth while, I am not now speaking of shams.  I mean beauty, not slither, not sentimentalizing about beauty, not telling people that beauty is the proper and respectable thing.  I mean beauty.  You don’t argue about an April wind, you feel bucked up when you meet it.  You feel bucked up when you come across a swift moving thought in Plato or on a fine line in a statue.

In acknowledgement of the gift-giving season, Studio22 is proud to present FUEL FOR HIBERNATION– an exhibit of art, all under $500, that ignites our thoughts to help us while away the dark hours of winter.  We invite you to share your love of art with those you love. Consider gifting a love of art.  We all deserve to feel bucked up.

***As well as this exhibit of art under $500, the gallery offers customized gift certificates – purchasable directly from our online store.

The Artwork