Cameron Schaefer

How It Works  [A.K.A. ‘Artist’s Statement’]

I draw small images with brush and India ink, later adding several washes of coloured ink.

Sometimes I use a Ben Day dot stencil for background texture. I take a photo of the completed image with my cell phone and email it to Hersh Jacob at Studio22.

Hersh redesigns the image, often making alterations in texture and colour, and duplicating the image to form an array. He emails this work back to me.

I reproduce (by hand) several iterations of the image, sometimes imitating Hersh’s ideas. Hersh makes glycee prints of his arrays and formats selected images for silkscreen printing by Julian Berry at Ironclad Graphics.

I try, with brush and ink, to make my drawings look as good as the glycee and silkscreen prints, but I’m often a bad machine.