Neli Nenkova


Art will always be the mirror of contemporaneity. It allows the audience a general perception of reality via the individual prism of each of its members. It succours the realization and assessment of the constant transformation around us. My objective as a visual artist is to direct the audience’s attention to the internal transformation of the modern person, which leads to external ones affecting everything around us.

Through the image of the woman I seek to rediscover forgotten dimensions in the relationship between us and the environment, between society and the inner self, between the current zenith of science and nadir of understanding of the human soul. The woman as a symbol of fertility, tenderness, beauty and protection could be the initial driving force behind the reconsideration of our reality and the shift of the current status quo to a state of balance and harmony. My works are my contribution to the questioning and enhancement of our society.

This group of paintings contrast the beauty of the woman of today with the challenges we face. Global warming, the shrinking habitat for the Canadian geese are some of the external issues that must be addressed. At the other end of the spectrum is our technological advancement as species, giving us the power to reach the stars and modify our genes, while forsaking our nature and soul.

The objective I have set for myself is to make the audience reflect and seek inner peace, harmony and balance both internally, individually and externally with the environment and with each other.


Born in Dobrich, Bulgaria in 1976.

I took up art at an early age. I started playing piano when I was five. At thirteen, I participated in theatre spectacles and operettas and at the age of sixteen I started a solo carrier as a singer. At the same time, I was a fine arts student at the art high-school in my home town.

In university I focused on fine arts and fashion design. During my studies, I continued singing and became one of Bulgaria’s most promising young voice performers. Nevertheless, when the moment came to choose between visual and performing arts, I chose the former. Music, however, still provides a guiding influence for my works.

I have been enhancing my visual art techniques for the last thirteen years, while developing the broad philosophy behind my works. I am influenced by the Italian masters of the High Renaissance and the ideas of the Surrealist movement. I view this blend of exquisite craftsmanship with provocative approach to art as an effective medium to divulge the issues of today. I choose the woman as a subject of my works because through her image, I can send a more powerful message prompting my audience to recognize and think about some of current issues we face. I believe that contemporary art could be an affective way to consider, understand and begin to address the contemporary problems.