Susan Oomen

Originally from the Kingston region, Susan Oomen now lives and works in the aptly named hamlet of Utopia, Ontario.  An avid paddler, as well a masterful oil painter, Oomen creates iconic works which capture the Canadian spirit of being out on the water in summer or looking out windows onto snow covered landscapes in winter.  Her canvases immortalize the play of light on water and the serene tranquility of a winter’s day, creating the perfect escape from the everyday.

Oomen earned her Bachelor of Art Education at Queen’s University in 1976 and her Bachelor of Education from York University in 2000.

Artist Statement:

A move during winter to an isolated rural home fifteen years ago changed the focus of my observations. I was raising three young children and the sense of isolation in the flat open areas and horizons, especially under snow, somehow reflected my state of mind. This ultimately led to a series of winter landscape paintings. The unique quality of winter light and the creation of atmosphere through the dissolving of detail and colour, with mist and snow, helped convey a sense of aloneness and disconnection. I wanted to focus on creating a still and silent space, away from a sometimes busy and chaotic world.
These winter landscapes are juxtaposed with boxes of colour and light. They may contain a still life or flowers from summer gardens. These boxes recall intimate or familiar spaces that may be somewhere within the landscape, or just within the viewer’s memory or imagination.