spring fling
spring fling

Patti Leishman (formerly Emmerson) embraces the unexpected and celebrates the rhythms and patterns of life.  Whether out on the trails or strolling the city with her newlywed husband and beloved dog,
Leishman draws inspiration for her art from her observations of the world around her.

Since her return to her hometown roots in Kingston and her artistic debut in 2013, Leishman has produced an astonishing body of work and amassed an enthusiastic following.  Her paintings speak to the beauty and abstract rhythms of life—in them she captures the artistry of the everyday, as she sees it.

To produce these images, Leishman likes to say she “throws caution to the wind.”  Through her riotous painting techniques—rollers, knives, squeegees, and a fair dose of whimsy, surprising results unfold.  By following the paint where it leads, Leishman’s abstract canvasses erupt with colour and texture, expressing her unique interpretation of beauty and her zest for life.


 As I See It

new acrylic paintings
Patti (Emmerson) Leishman
July 12 to August 21, 2016