Baby, Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me – by Cameron Schaefer

With a combination of nostalgia and whimsy, Cameron Schaefer takes us on a whirlwind journey through the humourous, the iconic, and the unexpected.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is often the role of the artist to show us how to slow down, to work through ideas, and to make things with our hands. Enter Cameron Schaefer. A Kingston-based author, musician and artist who creates comical compositions, Schaefer invents provocative and contemporary variations on familiar images and themes. His latest exhibition will feature wood panel screen prints and paintings.

The juxtaposition of his process is itself somewhat ironic. Schaefer employs old-fashioned techniques normally used to produce quantities of items, to fabricate his one-of-a-kind works. In so doing, he embraces a rich tradition in contemporary art, beginning with Dadaism, that continues to question the very notion of what constitutes fine art.

With his latest body of work, Baby, Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me, Schaefer marries his unique tongue-in-cheek sense of humour with his acute colour sensibility. The resulting work is at home in any environment, delighting viewers of all ages. Come on, get hooked!

Baby, Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me, by Cameron Schaefer will be on display at Studio 22 from July 11 – August 19.

The Artwork