Slowing Down 

by Debra Krakow

October 27th – November 28th

 Part of  Studio22’s 2020 vision idiom A Different Point of View.

Preview and presale for these exhibits will take place from Tuesday, October 27th to Friday, October 30th. Exhibit opens to the general public for purchase on Saturday, October 31st.

On Thursday evening, October 29th at 8pm, Studio22 will be hosting a Live Stream Exhibit Opening featuring Debra Krakow, Erika Olson and Hersh and Ally Jacob. All customers, subscribers and members of the general public are invited to login to view the exhibit and interact with the artist from the comfort of their own home.

The Exhibition


Artist Statement

“There are people in these paintings, but they’re not portraits. They’re about communing with nature, sun warming our shoulders, wind ruffling our hair, grass cool and damp under our bare feet. Children making castles in the sand, offering up their stick drawings to the lake. The lone paddler deftly maneuvering through the shallows and the young woman quietly sipping her morning coffee. Breathing deeply, engaging all our senses. Wandering and exploring and bonding through new adventures. Being still long enough for the cat to jump into our lap, the cows to approach the fence, our boisterous lab to bring us a stick. 

My palette reflects the brilliant sunshine with cool, beachy blues in water and sky and rosy, saturated pinks and reds in sun-warmed skin and hair. The figures are often small or off to one side so that the landscape expands to fill the space. This gives the paintings visual breathing room so that the viewer can feel that expansiveness. While the kids are completely absorbed in their play, the grown-ups are lost in thought, gazing out to the horizon. Slowing down, restoring and re-energizing.”  

                       – Debra Krakow

Debra Krakow

Debra Krakow has exhibited in her native city of Montreal, as well as in Ottawa, Kingston, Halifax and New York State. Debra Krakow is an artist and architect. She works out of her Wolfe Island studio. Debra has developed her artistic practice through explorations in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fibre arts and ceramics. Debra is represented by galleries in Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston and Prince Edward County.