Vadim Vaskovsky

Vadim Vaskovsky takes inspiration from various locales and themes, including his adopted home in Prince Edward County.  Working in a broad range of mediums and subjects, as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, his gifted use of colour captures the uniqueness of light on the landscape and ignites the imagination in reminiscence.

Born in 1973, he spent his childhood in Central Asia, Russia, and Ukraine before moving to Canada in 2002.

Since graduating from the Grekov Art College (Odessa, Ukraine) in 1990, his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications.

His art works can be found in private and public collections in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Available Artwork




Artist Approach:

I experiment all the time. That is why I change themes and styles as often as I change a place of living. Asia dazzles me with its saturation. Black Sea coast reminds me of the ancient myths. Cuba makes my lines dancing. Newfoundland landscape teaches me moderation and silence. I take inspiration from various locales and themes, included my adopted home in Prince Edward County. I work in a broad range of mediums and subjects. I use color to capture the uniqueness of light on the landscape and ignite the imagination of the viewers.

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