Margaret Sutherland

Kingston based artist Margaret Sutherland’s work provides commentary on both the sociological and biographical realm. Her images evoke emotion and provoke questioning.  Her highly sought after oil paintings are in numerous private collections.

A decade after graduating from Queen’s University in Arts and then Education, Margaret Sutherland formalized her professional art pursuit with a Master of Fine Arts (Cum Laude) in 2001 from The Graduate School of Figurative Art of The New York Academy of Art.  Her path to fine art was organic, yet circuitous, having spent time teaching at home and abroad in Hong Kong with her husband — and realizing that her passion lay in something else.  Sutherland grew her skill in community groups and high school art courses open to adults through NDSS before pursuing her degree.

It is interesting to note what is not formally cited in her resume, that her post secondary education began with the Foundation Year Program (FYP) at the University of King’s College in Halifax.  This unique, highly intense course of study is the epitome of liberal arts – exploring only original classic texts outlining the evolution of the thoughts of mankind.

Sutherland is an observer. Her unique and deeply compelling work is comprised of her multi faceted self.  Technically sound and unwaveringly thought provoking.  She is a painter and a thinker.

Artist Statement:

We are besieged with ever more images but less awareness of what we are doing to ourselves and our world.  Basically my work is sociological and biographical, from the viewpoint of a feminist who grew up in the end of one century, trying to make sense of life in the next one by witnessing and allegorizing what intrigues and concerns me, wondering where the pendulum of history is taking us next.  

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