Margaret Sutherland

Unique and compelling, Sutherland’s work provides commentary on both the sociological and biographical realm. Her images evoke emotion and provoke questioning.

Vadim Vaskovsky

Working in a broad range of mediums and subjects, artist, illustrator and graphic designer Vadim Vaskovsky takes inspiration from various locales and themes, including his adopted home in Prince Edward County. His gifted use of colour captures the uniqueness of light on the landscape and ignites the imagination in reminiscence.

Ewa Scheer

Ewa Scheer, based out of Montreal, is an artist of unique vision. In her ice project, Scheer applies non-toxic pigments on natural ice formed in the forest; her paintings exist for as little as two seconds and as long as two weeks. The work is then photographed, set behind thick plexiglass which mirrors ice, allowing her to preserve these transient images and capture the moment of interaction between creator and Creation.

Susan Oomen

Originally from the Kingston region, Susan Oomen now lives and works in the aptly named hamlet of Utopia, Ontario. An avid paddler, as well as painter, Oomen creates iconic works to capture the Canadian spirit of being out on the water in summer or looking out windows onto snow covered landscapes in winter. Her canvases immortalize the play of light on water and the serene tranquility of a winter’s day, creating an escape from the everyday.

Krzysztof Doniewski

Polish-Canadian artist Krzysztof Doniewski creates exhilarating oils. Unfettered by concepts of style or the constraints of the rational mind, impulsivity and intensity are the Krzysztof trademarks. His canvases celebrate the
expressionistic and impressionistic impulse to capture life in paint.

Bernard Clark

A Kingston native, Bernard Clark has been exhibiting his fine art images for over 25 years. His photographic works often revolve around the theme of icons; whether portraiture or cityscsape, his subjects are elevated to a status evoking veneration.